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John Deere Gator XUV 825i S4

John Deere XUV 825i S4

2013 John Deere XUV 825i S4

Introducing the 4-seat, 44MPH Gator XUV 825i S4. In addition to the 44-MPH top speed, the 50 horse power of pure muscle, and room for four, the back seat lifts up for additional storage and folds down to convert into extra cargo space at need.

Superior terrain capability

The Gator™ XUV Crossover Series Utility Vehicle has a precision-engineered drivetrain system that fully utilizes engine power, optimizing acceleration, hauling, towing, and hill-climbing capabilities. Power is transmitted from the engine through a continuously variable clutch system to the transaxle.

The XUV 825i S4 and XUV 855D S4 models feature seating for four.

John Deere Gator XUV 825i S4

John Deere Gator XUV 825i S4

John Deere Gator XUV 825i S4

John Deere Gator XUV 825i S4 in Green

John Deere Gator XUV 825i S4 Engine

812-cm3 gasoline engine

Powerful gas engine delivers superb starting, idling, and throttle response

The machine is powered by a 812-cm3, three-cylinder, dual overhead cams, liquid-cooled, four-cycle gasoline engine. It produces 6.5 kgm of torque (47 lb-ft) at 3200 rpm. The advanced electronic- controls and fuel-injection systems deliver superb starting, idling, and throttle response during operation.

The engine offers the following performance and reliability features:

  • 50 hp* at 6000 rpm
  • 71-km/h (44-mph) top speed
  • Electronic fuel injection for superb performance, altitude adjustment, and cold-weather starting (tested to -20°F)
  • Electronic ignition is continuously variable for optimum engine power and provides fast, reliable starts
  • Exclusive electronic ground-speed governor and throttle body
    • Auto compensates by providing more power when going up a hill or through difficult terrain
    • Eliminates top-speed degradation from belt wear
  • Overhead valve design provides greater efficiency and fuel economy
  • Full-pressure lubrication system
  • Spin-on oil filter with drain bracket and oil drain valve enable easy servicing
  • Dry replaceable single-element air cleaner with remote intake
  • See-through coolant recovery tank permits the operator to check the coolant level without having to remove the radiator cap
    • Sealed radiator compartment keeps trash and debris on the outside of the grille
  • Standard high-capacity alternator – 75 amps for maximum accessory capability

Additional detail on the electronic governor and throttle body

  • The electronic governor system allows the electronic control unit (ECU) to continuously monitor the throttle opening and engine speed, electronically regulating the throttle opening to maintain a constant engine speed, even under changing engine-load conditions
  • Electronic throttle control (ETC) is an electronic link between the accelerator pedal and the throttle; the ECU determines the required throttle position through other sensors; the system provides input to the fuel injection system
    • Benefits of ETC are consistent powertrain characteristics, regardless of engine temperature, altitude, accessory loads, etc.; ETC also dramatically improves the ease with which the driver can execute gear changes and deal with the dramatic torque changes associated with rapid accelerations and decelerations

* The engine horsepower information is provided by the engine manufacturer to be used for comparison purposes only. The actual operating horsepower will be less.

John Deere XUV 825i S4

Deluxe cargo box converted to flat bed

The deluxe cargo box consists of a 15 percent glass-filled polypropylene composite material that eliminates rust, dents, and reduces noise.

The tailgate can be opened or removed for easier clean out and to carry longer items. The tailgate has been improved, features truck-like performance, and can be operated with one hand.

The standard installed lanyards can also be removed to lower the tailgate to 150 degrees for convenient loading and unloading tasks.

The deluxe cargo box is now easier to latch, unlatch, raise, and lower with the integrated handle design and gas assist.

A prop rod is provided to hold the box in the upright position for operator convenience, as well as limit box pivot travel.

The deluxe cargo box offers integrated tie-down points for increased versatility. Tie down points are located in the following areas:

  • Four corners inside the cargo-box bed
  • Four points on the load guard directly behind the operator station
  • Tie-down bars on either side of the cargo box
  • Six points on the underside of the cargo-box frame

The deluxe cargo box easily converts to a flat bed. The flatbed configuration allows loading larger cargo.

John Deere XUV 825i S4

Under-seat rear storage

John Deere Gator XUV 825i S4

The rear seat will convert to provide a flat surface for extra payload

John Deere Gator XUV 825i S4

John Deere XUV front suspension detail

Dual A-arm front and rear suspension provides a smooth ride over challenging terrain and excellent hauling characteristics

To complement the most capable frame available in a high-performance utility vehicle, the XUV is equipped with four-wheel independent suspension.

A dual A-arm front and rear suspension provides a smooth ride over challenging terrain and excellent hauling characteristics.

The entire suspension system has been optimized to handle no cargo to maximum cargo without compromising ride quality or vehicle stability.

Dual A-arm front suspension features include:

  • 203.2 mm (8 in.) of travel provides ample compression and wheel extension, which keep all four wheels on the ground for superior traction and vehicle control
  • 17.5-mm (0.6875-in.) solid anti-roll bar with fully rubber isolated connecting links and pivots for minimal vehicle body roll and quiet operation
  • Heavy-duty nodular cast-iron knuckles to support the strut, CV shaft, and wheel
  • Maintenance-free rubber torsional A-arm pivots for long life and quiet operation
  • CV shaft protection from sticks that may puncture the rubber boot
  • Front sway bear for balanced handling

Dual A-arm independent rear suspension features include:

  • Unequal length, dual A-arm construction for superior wheel control and travel
  • 228.6 mm (9 in.) of total travel provides ample compression and wheel extension, which keep all four wheels on the ground for superior traction, excellent ride quality, and vehicle control
  • Coil over shocks absorb the most demanding terrain
  • A-arms made from square/rectangular tubing reduce weight while remaining rigid
  • Heavy-duty nodular cast-iron uprights support wheel loads with a double row of ball bearings
  • CV driveshaft protection from sticks that may puncture the rubber boot
John Deere XUV 825i operator station

John Deere XUV 825i operator station

Designed for best-in-class comfort with many vehicle conveniences

The Gator™ XUV Crossover Utility Vehicles lineup are equipped with an automotive-style fused wiring and control system.

The system decreases troubleshooting and diagnostic time and drastically reduces attachment and accessory installation time.

The wiring and control system offers the following features:

  • Automotive-style fuse block to protect against electrical overload
  • Dash indicator lights for traction assist, engine temp, and voltage
  • Pre-wired connectors under the hood and under the cargo box to aid accessory installation
  • XUV 825i S4 – 75-A (max) standard under the flywheel stator
  • XUV 855D S4 – 55-A (max)

Manufacturer Info:

John Deere

Website: www.deere.com

John Deere is a world leader in providing advanced products and services for agriculture, forestry, construction, lawn and turf care, landscaping and irrigation. John Deere also provides financial services worldwide and manufactures and markets engines used in heavy equipment. Since it was founded in 1837, the company has extended its heritage of integrity, quality, commitment and innovation around the globe.

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